Saturday, July 16, 2011

TKMGK 2 - 14

My idea for this, going back a few pages, is that the TKMGK was broken when Algernon was "defeated" and the Protectors, including Sen, each took a piece for safekeeping. So Ayamu has to quest for the elements and the TKMGK pieces. Can't make it too easy on him.
Sen has only one piece to the sword, no sword in the stone, no huddling protectors, just Sen, Ayamu and Oraku.


  1. This is a beautiful layout and Panel 5 is a killer. I would just add the huge TKMGK sword in the stone kinda thing somewhere in there and have a few huddled Tekkmages bowing down in fright.

  2. And I feel like Sen's swords could be more elegant and standard samurai-ish. The TKMGK sword is the one that is pure powerhouse.

  3. The Sen sword can change, but my instincts are screaming BROKEN TKMGK pieces, each letter is a piece? Each protector (four) has a single piece in safe keeping, including Sen (fifth piece). The retrieval of the elemental forces of nature should be a bigger deal than finding a trinket to place on the sword in the stone (derivative of Excalibur)

    I understand that our mission statement was to take the best things from all the coolest Cultural icons and iconic moments, BUT let's twist things to make it our own. To use a metaphor, It is okay to reference a photo to draw, but maybe not to trace it.

  4. I guess a broken sword being put back together is derivative also...

  5. And I shouldn't try to write with metaphors


    Broken TKMGK

    It is as I have foreseen it