Friday, July 15, 2011

TKMGK 2 - 13



  1. Sorry man, again I gots problems with this page. I want to establish that the sword is there and has been there for a century. The last of the Tekkmages worship there. Ayamu needs the pieces to put *into* the sword- they are not the sword itself. The other thing is that when he begins the quest, I want to firmly establish that all of the worlds he goes into are virtual worlds *inside* the Pyramid Tower. It's that 'House of Leaves' idea where the inside is bigger than the outside. Hold off on the jungle for now because I have a whole sequence in Issue 3 where Ayamu rides inside an old battery over an oil slick ocean to get to a jungle infested island. We will start opening up the spaces and get less subterranean...

  2. Okay, I can lose the jungle, but I need that sword broken and hidden. Leaving his quest just for elements is too much like the last airbender, plus it opens up avenues where maybe one of the protectors breaks bad and gives one of the pieces to Janson?