Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elements, Swords, and Pieces

Ok we have a lot of posts and comments all over, so I just want to post here and try to clarify some things. I also want to respond to your ideas. I like the way you're thinking but I want to further explain some reasoning for the original ideas. Firstly, I don't want to lose the sword in the stone idea, and here's why. I want the TKMGK sword to be an ancient powerful artifact that he needs to re-awaken. I know it is an often used motif, but I think it's ok, it gives it a more firm mythological basis. I'm all for twisting the details and making them our own but I want to keep this. I feel like if Ayamu is gathering pieces of the sword and fitting them together as he goes- it takes all the impact away from the 'otherness' and ancient magical quality of the weapon- it cheapens it somehow. I also want that return to this spiritual magical place to be a big part of the story. After his adventuring inside the Tower is complete, and he has all of the element pieces- then he STILL needs to about face and fight his way back to Diso-jin. Again, if he's collecting the pieces as he goes, there's no reason for him to return.
I LIKE the idea that these element pieces are actually pieces of the sword though. Let's steer away from having element pieces AND TKMGK pieces though. That's getting too confusing for me. However, I'm all for making the element pieces actual PARTS of the sword. Maybe the sword in the stone thing is actually just a gigantic naked blade without a handle or hilt that is stuck inside a massive computer mother board. Ayamu will collect the fire piece- which can be the top horns of the hilt- and the earth piece- the bottom horns- the water piece can be the USB handle and the air piece can be the bottom part of the USB. He can fit them all together on the blade and then everything lights up and there's this big dramatic forming of the blade.
I don't think Sen should have any pieces. There are 4 elements, 4 Guardians, and 4 pieces. Sen was the warrior destined to wield the weapon- just as Ayamu is now. The Sen he meets now is a very mystical ghostlike thing. Is it a wraith? A Ghost in the Machine? Is it evil? Good? He will keep meeting it along his quest- this wraithlike silent shadow that seems to sometimes help and sometimes want to kill him. We need to keep Sen as mysterious as possible- and clearly delineate the separateness from the other Guardians. The Guardians have disappeared somewhere in the Tower for decades and the point is that the Tekkmages NEED Ayamu to gather everything to get the weapon back. Sen is an unreliable spirit thing and the Tekkmages cannot count on it. Whew! Does this make sense?? We are collaborators Luc, so of course we can still discuss these points but I just felt the need to further explain some of my reasoning.
Earlier, while doing some research in the Tarot realms I found this interesting article. Maybe we can adapt these shapes somehow into the TKMGK mythology?

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