Friday, March 11, 2011


The final page to chapter one. In panel one I have a text edit to include "brood" and three breaks;
"My brood are the best healers this world has these days."
Panel Two also has three breaks and I have moved the fourth break to panel three;
"Are you injured"
"No I don't think so"
"I feel so tired"
"all of a sudden"
and have seperated Oraku's text from panel three so that she only says "I imagine so." and then the rest falls into panel four. Also in panel three I'm including a flaming eye on the top of her index finger, a play off of her premonition of their arrival and also Algernon's astral eye in panel six, page one.
I would like to introduce a gradual dreamlike state that progresses between panels four thru six with the big reveal in panel six of Oraku in warrior armor, akin to chapter two Ayamu and perhaps a flaming sword. Warrior Goddess. There are two options here as I can show the two of them on the chapter two island as though transported to the subconscious, OR there can be a stark white background with them both floating and/or falling towards a pinhole epicenter. I think if we play up the reader's absence of knowledge about who Oraku is there can be a slight cliffhang as to who is this "Good Lady" and is she actually good? I'm gonna try to get some drawing done between now and Sunday so feel free to offer up any changes or ideas.

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  1. YES! I agree. Surreal is better. Just go with either one of those options- however you feel. I love the flaming eye there too. It actually plays into some ideas I've been having for Chapter 3 where Ayamu will be seraching for the Earth piece. There's going to be lots of metaphysical stuff going on. Awesome!