Monday, March 14, 2011

Ayamu Armor Sketch

I'm keeping the Deathlok boots, don't know about the gauntlets yet, but here is a sketch of the helmet, sort of Magneto-ish! and the hair pulled back. I want to have as many iconic moments as possible and one of them is the respite before battle where the hero takes a moment of introspection, prepares the helmet, ties back the hair and becomes ready for death.

Also maybe instead of a random hose coming out of his chest plate we could have a sort of USB port for connecting to some alternate reality computer network?


  1. I like it. I think we should still keep the shoulder pad things though. I think it gives it a weirdly Greek touch. Yes, the USB port is perfect.
    Hey I watched the original Tron the other day and fell in love with the lead actress again. Take a look at her awesome head piece thing.
    Maybe we could add some of this type of design to Masuyo's bald noggin?

    Also you could add that kind of flavor to Ayamu's helmet too.

    Steal from the best I always say! =)

  2. I could go back and doctor her up, or at least include it in the page 7 splash. I imagine the next time we see her she will have a healthy head of hair. The headpiece is not a bad idea, I will layout some sketches and add those shoulder pads to the armor for both Ayamu and Oraku. By the time I'm done drawing Oraku's armor from page 30 panel six I will be old hat.