Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chapter 2- Ayamu's New Armor Sketch

In Chapter 2 Ayamu is going to be given some new armor. The upper half is Greek-ish. The lower half is Samurai-ish with Deathlok style boots. Things like the belt and necklace and sholuder things can be very microchipy and techno-ized. I'm not sure what that nipple tube is doing there but it seemed to look cool there. Another Deathlok holdover? The red cloak can also give Luc flexibility to draw it just covering everything sometimes, similar to how Miller did with Ronin's red cloak.

We talked about giving Ayamu a Samurai-ish haricut too- and I tried but it just looked goofy. A dude needs dark hair and serious sideburns to make that look work. But Luc, give it a shot if you think it can be done. There's also the possibility of a helmet too. Again, if we do that, I'd like to hybrid a Greek thing with a Samurai thing. But then helmets always block facial expressions, and I'm not sure we'd want to do that either. Well now it's up to Dr. Herbots to make it work like they do in Project Runway. :)


  1. Gabe loves him some Deathlok, maybe we should put together an 8 page Deathlok pitch, with some of The Hammer folk? You can drop the layouts and I can finish, or vice verca. I dunno alot about Deathlok, I think I have his mini-series from the 90's.

    Thanks for the info and sketch, I had forgotten how cool Ayamu looked in your vision. Interesting to see the difference in our styles. We should earmark that for the TPB! (delusions of grandeur)

    I think a helmet can work with lots of b/w contrast, take the nose out of the pic (never like drawing the nose) by covering it with that metal roman slat and then the rest all SAMURAI.

    More character sketches PLEASE! Did you like my initial Oraku drawings for 028? If not let me know and I can "doctor" things up.

    All in all I'm happy with the first chapter, I was even able to figure out how to make a bald princess look cute. A monumental effort! It was all in the bangs and eyelashes, kids.

  2. Ordinarily I would say heck yes about the Deathlok pitch. Problem is they've tried revamping him so many times and it always fails. He was never cooler than his original 1970s incarnation. There's a Marvel Masterworks Deathlok book that has all his original issues. It's dang expensive but totally worth it in my opinion. I had only known about the 90's version too, but then Sam Little clued me in on the awesomeness of the original. Deathlok fighting cannibals in apocalyptic New York City? Oh hellz yes! Well, one day I think we should do a pitch. Bring Deathlok back to his roots. But this year my mantra is "Commitment! Commitment!" Sticking to a project like a bulldog with a cat's tail in its teeth. It's the only way to get to the next level. Right now I have three projects: TKMGK, Monkeyface, and Hero Action Persons and that's all I'm gonna do all year long. I hope it works!

    Thanks for the comments. I have a blast seeing your vision too man. Let me see that helmet. As long as it doesn't get too Darth Vadar. Samurai helmets always remind me of him now. Maybe it could be a Greek Trojan thing with the upper part being more Samurai? Let's try some sketches.

    I like your version of Oraku. I was picturing her more of a Bettie Page look alike- all buxom and flowing hair- but I think the way you drew her makes it more interesting.

    Yes the first Chapter is an achievement. I think it was a great testing ground and you just got more amped with every page.
    And you are right about Masuyo. And next chapter she'll start growing her hair real fast while she is recuperating.