Sunday, January 15, 2012


In the script PIL says "who is ayamu?" yet I may have overplayed that by having PIL fly around Oraku as she explained everything to Ayamu in the previous chapter two pages. For the Pil to say that now makes me wonder "where the hell has he been". I've put in a tentative "gzeet?", but let me know if you would like something different. Also, next page there is an exchange between Oraku and the Pil talking about how he is the last PIL...whoops...I may have screwed that up also. Let me know what you would like as an edit and if I don't hear from you by production I'll make something up.

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  1. No worries, Luc. I'm sure you can put in an adequate replacement. Maybe instead of saying he is the last, just say: he is "of the last brood," or some such. Always good to use that word 'brood' as much as possible I say. :)
    (Dig the latest page btw)